Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Saori Cloth

 Here it is, my first piece of Saori weaving. I was so excited about weaving it that I couldn't weave fast enough. The warp was a found warp at the Goodwill, cotton and I think it may be organic. I may have paid $ 2.00  for it, not much more. The bad part was the cross was not secure so I had to fiddle around to get it on the loom. It has some threading errors but that's the beauty of the found piece.

 My loom and materials waiting to be woven into the weft.

 And here's the beauty. This is the front.

This this the back.

I'm meeting next week with two new weaving friends for a  ' Kai ', Japanese word for gathering. We plan to discuss Saori weaving and show each other our work. 
I"m planning to make a piece of clothing from my piece so maybe they'll have some good ideas.
I'll keep you posted.

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