Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Night Garden and Knitting.

Night Garden and Knitting

Our front garden late at night.

Thrummed Mitts

Knitting thrummed mitts, trying to get more product into my Etsy shop.

 Another pair of thrummed mitts underway. These and the above mitts where dyed with food colour dyes.

Blue Heaven Jacket .

 As you can see I have a basket of various yarns and balls of fabric. I'm trying to incorporate these into a jacket sweater.  So far I'm liking the result.

 Face cloths.

100% Cotton.

These are just a fun bit of knitting. I love making face cloths, they make a nice small gift.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Apple Pies and Veggies

It's Harvest Time and I love it.

 Our neighbours have several apple trees that just go to waste every year. On my walk with the dog I decided to stop in and ask if I could have some of the apples. The apples usually just fall on the ground and go into a bucket and then disappear.

 This was the result of my picking the apples that were left on the trees. I had enough to make three pies.
They turned out to be really delicious.


My harvest from our small garden.

Hubby enjoying apple pie.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Chicken Coop Jacket

Cluck, Cluck .

Just when you think you're done.

You get a call from the fabric fairy.  You're not done yet. And so, back to the drawing board I go. Thread and needle in hand , I am called to make two pockets and add a button.
This all makes perfect sense as I need a place to put my house keys, a Kleenex, some dog biscuits and whatever else I need. 

So .....  here's the finished jacket, I think.