Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Cleared off all the shelves. Vacuumed,washed and reorganized everything. So much more to do.
Really I need another room.  NO - I need a studio.  I've made the mistake of buying a house with no studio space. As a result, I'm having to use one of the bedrooms as a sewing and storage room.

Do you think I have enough knitting needles????? 

 I must stop buying them and stay out of the thrift stores.
 I have two weaving looms set up in the living room. This is where I'm weaving and spinning for now.

The new shelving , storage units I purchased to try and organize myself.  Still have tons of wool to sort through, but it's a start, and the space is starting to come together.

 I have a habit of putting everything in a bag when I'm working on a knitting project. As a result, I'm having to go through every bag and sort out yarn and knitting needles. This has been so time consuming.
Not to mention how tired I am.

Spring is on it's way, I saw 12 robins the other day, and this makes my heart sing.

Happy Spring to everyone  :)


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